IBAZ: using data analysis to provide faster insight into the state of water boards' treatment management

IBAZ: using data analysis to provide faster insight into the state of water boards' treatment management

  • 9 July 2020
  • 6 minutes

IBAZ is a Web application made available by ICT Group that stands for Benchmark and Advice on Water Boards' Treatment Management. It provides unique and new insights that arise from the data that is available and can help lead to performance improvements.

This first version of IBAZ contains insights on combinations of treatment management performance, costs and characteristics and is based on the most recent Treatment Management Business Comparison (BVZ). The BVZ aims to "learn and improve" from and with each other. IBAZ makes this possible by establishing more and different links that make it easier to compare mutual performance. The target audience for this initial functionality is primarily Water Board administrators, process technologists, (data) analysts, asset managers, consultants and BVZ and financial stakeholders.

IBAZ creates more insight compared to WAVES by the ability to scale performance, costs and properties and by correlating the inter-Watershed data that is detailed in a scatter plot, making it unique. It provides greater insight by scaling and adjustable sorting of multi-, advanced- and composite parameters creating a more comparable picture. Also, the insights of all water boards are displayed in one graphical overview and the content of the legend is configurable. In addition, IBAZ provides additional insight from the 10 largest cost items of the first selected water board, or average of the water boards.

The scaling of the 10 largest cost items is also configurable to:

  • Percentage of total costs.
  • Pollution: 5 items
  • Treatment management performance: 7 items
  • Core characteristics
  • Environmental factors: 6 items

Three water boards and/or the average of the water boards can also be shown in one table and graphical comparison.

The benchmark was performed based on the Pearson's Correlation Method. This provides insight into the relationship between the various performance, costs and characteristics of treatment management. In addition, one can fully configure a specific scatter diagram to discover trends and immediately see how treatment management is doing compared to other water boards (the benchmark). This can give direct reason to look for possible cost savings or performance improvements.

Using a configurable color scale, properties of water boards can be selected, revealing new patterns. In addition to the freely configurable scatter plot, the benchmark also contains two permanently defined scatter plots : cost/efficiency and energy/efficiency. In the future, signaling and advisory functionalities will be added to the application. For example, notification of anomalous behavior, specific trend value in relation to the target value and the like. For this, a lot of data will be added in the first place.

In the coming period the functionality and data sources will be further expanded, for example additional data sets from the BVZ, WAVES, Opendata and possibly Z-Info data. Also, the main topics 'quality of treated water' and 'energy' will be added in addition to the current cost, performance, property topic.

You can also try IBAZ for yourself. This first version of IBAZ is the basis to eventually arrive at the real-time 'Insight, Benchmark and Advice Purification Management', see also the article 'Benchmark ensures performance improvement in the water sector'.

All source data comes from WAVES, from the Union of Water Boards.

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