Motar, model-based software development

Fast and flexible. The must-have for the automotive industry

  • 4 July 2023
  • 8 min

Motar offers model-based software development in a fast and flexible way. It is used in many ways. Eeuwke Wielinga highlights four different cases.

Eeuwke Wielinga

Eeuwke Wielinga

Eeuwke Wielinga is division director Automotive at ICT Group. He is driven by his mission: act higher up the value chain and build an international reputation. Eeuwke will highlight four different Motar cases: InMotion race car, Eindhoven University of Technology, Green Road Equipment (GRE) and TTTech Auto.

“At this moment our own Automotive-certified development centers participate in major strategic programs for international clients like Volkswagen/CARIAD. Our customers see us primarily as a development partner and we help them to achieve their business objectives. Together we focus on the success of the customer behind the customer. Of course this gives me a sense of pride.

"Together we focus on the success of the customer behind the customer."

We already worked for the large passenger car OEMs in the automotive industry, but also saw an increased demand from the smaller to medium-sized OEMs. Their needs are the same as the larger players, but the volumes are lower. In order to meet their demand we introduced our no-code platform Motar (model to target). Motar is based on best practices from the passenger car OEMs and is tailored towards the business cases of this specific group.”

Motar offers model-based software development in a fast and flexible way. It is used in many ways and Eeuwke will highlight four different cases: InMotion race car, Eindhoven University of Technology, Green Road Equipment (GRE) and TTTech Auto.

InMotion race car

"InMotion is a very inspiring team of students from Eindhoven University of Technology. They work on an electric race car with a focus on accelerating the energy transition in the automotive industry. We support them with software and electronic control units and provide the Motar platform with all the help they need. At Circuit Zandvoort, the car already reached a top speed of 260 km/h. Notable is the battery pack, which has the same capacity as a standard Tesla Model 3 (58 kilowatt hours) but charges at least twice as fast: in less than 12 minutes. A revolutionary case, which is actually our state-of-the-art demonstrator for the Motar platform.”

Watch our InMotion video

Cooperation with Eindhoven University

"Motar is also used at Eindhoven University of Technology. Particularly in the Software Engineering and Technology cluster of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. We provided this team with Laboratory setups for research projects in the field of Functional Safety, an important area of expertise for the university and a priority for the automotive industry. This joint commitment contributes to advanced research and technological innovations in the field of Functional Safety.”

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From diesel to electric in 5 months

"Green Road Equipment (GRE) converts diesel asphalt machines into electric, emission-free replacements. They develop the software for the controllers of the vehicles in a graphical way on the no-code platform Motar. Partly because of this, GRE can convert new types of machines within five months. The machines minimize emissions, double the lifespan of equipment and result in significant savings in raw materials.

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Partnership with TTTech Auto 

“The Austrian TTTech Auto offers solutions for the challenges of future vehicle generations. The company specializes in safe software for automated driving and other developments in this area. TTTech Auto’s high-end safety control units (ECU) meet the emerging need for a wide range of applications. The Motar platform enables customers using TTTech Auto’s ECUs to develop software without writing code. Instead, the software is generated based on the behavior descriptions of the functionality (low code). This approach allows customers to reduce the development effort and time-to-market of new developments. Motar also supports the reuse of previously designed functionality in future projects and in other applications or vehicles.”

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