The Center of Excellence is the place where High Tech experts explore and develop emerging technologies. We offer innovative solutions to client problems through pilot projects with new ways of working.

All high tech industry knowledge and experience in one place

The Centre of Excellence is the place where experts of the ICT Group High Tech Unit experiment and test the use of new technologies. We do this by executing real-life use-cases in simulated environments. We offer clients the opportunity to explore new technology and concepts in a conditioned environment. This enables them to work in a screened-off setting, without jeopardising their own (manufacturing) processes.

This information, along with insights gained from work done, is used in projects to create concepts, solutions, and building blocks for our clients. We are happy to help you: from exploration and concept development to delivery and maintenance.

Reduce time to market and keep ahead of the competition

Smart, reliable software solutions are needed to keep excelling; crucial to reduce the time to market and keep ahead of the competition, and to deliver the exact amounts as agreed and in accordance with all applicable regulations and (quality) criteria. ICT Group offer the Technology Innovation Centre, where we have combined all the knowledge and experience that we gained from previous projects for leading high tech companies. From our field lab, we also try new technology, based on real cases, in a conditioned environment. These trials do not disrupt your processes and are objective and independent. This avoids legacy issues and helps decision-makers to make independent and well-founded decisions. We will gladly help you from exploring and concept development to delivery and maintenance.

ICT Group support high tech OEMs, who are a crucial link in very complex manufacturing processes. From our Technology Innovation Centre, we apply ground-braking technology and concepts such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Model-Driven Engineering, and Digital Twins. With consultancy, project-based solutions, R&D, and embedded software development, we boost new technology to take machine accuracy and reliability to an even higher level.


What makes us stand out

  • Cross-disciplinary expertises in High Tech Domain
  • Exploring new trends and ways of working
  • Strong focus on market trends
  • From prototype to product approach

Our services 

  • Model-Based Testing 
    Speed up the development process with smart testing models

  • Model-Driven Engineering 
    Develop highly reliable software by modelling the system and generating code 

  • Digital Twins 
    Accelerate time from design to production, reduce risks, predict failures before they occur with virtual replicas of the real factories

  • Decision Intelligence 
    Improve decision-making process with Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Computer Vision

  • Maintaining legacy code 
    Improve the longevity by increasing the maintainability of the software

Digital Twin

Digital Twin highlighted

A Digital Twin (DT) is a dynamic digital representation of a product, process or person, which analyzes existing business systems using real-world data. It bridges the gap between model and reality, bringing together sensors enabled via IoT technology, connectivity networks and data analytics.

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