Huib Leusink, Technical Tester at InTraffic

Cool to have so much influence on socially critical systems

Huib Leusink, Technical Tester at InTraffic

  • 19 March 2021
  • 4 minutes

Eight years ago Huib Leusink joined InTraffic as a tester, in the Procesleiding team. Procesleiding is ProRail's core system.

Procesleiding is ProRail's core system. "Without this system, no train can run. The software also has a huge number of interfaces with other systems. So as a team you have a lot of contact with other teams. It also gives a kick to work on software that is so important for our society," says Huib.

Putting Model Based Testing on the Map

At the time, test automation was still innovative. It has since become commonplace and Huib is trying to put Model Based Testing (MBT) on the map at InTraffic. "MBT goes one step further than test automation. Whereas with test automation you write the test scenarios yourself and then generate scripts automatically, with MBT you don't even have to write the scenarios anymore. You generate them from the model and the model executes them for you. This way of working leads to higher quality at lower costs", says Huib.

Safety is key

This enthusiasm about MBT he managed to convey well to InTraffic and ProRail. That's why they asked him to join the ETIS team. ETIS is a system that ProRail is having developed by InTraffic as part of the new international train standard ERTMS. "MBT lends itself very well to software where safety is crucial. That is certainly the case with ETIS. There are extremely high demands on the test trajectory; all possible scenarios that could compromise safety must be tested. By using MBT you ensure that you don't overlook any scenarios."

It gives Huib great satisfaction that he can have so much influence on the choices that are made. At InTraffic they really listen to you. If you have a good idea, you are supported and given the space to implement it. At ETIS, we also see the result of that choice in practice. That's very cool."

At InTraffic they really listen to you. If you have a good idea, you are supported and given the space to implement it. 

Huib Leusink
Technical Tester at InTraffic
Huib Leusink, Technical Tester at InTraffic

Founder of Young InTraffic

InTraffic also gives you the space to get started with your ideas outside of work. Huib is the initiator of Young InTraffic, a networking club he started in 2015 when he was a junior himself. "You're always working on big, socially critical projects in this company. That brings with it great responsibility. You also get a lot of room here to develop yourself in the direction you want. As a junior at the time, I felt the need to have contact with peers who, like me, had little work experience. It's great to be given so much freedom and responsibility, but it also brings a certain amount of pressure. Within Young InTraffic, you can spar with peers about those kinds of topics."

Work-life balance

He is now a long time junior, but he has lost none of his drive and ambition. Nor in terms of work enjoyment. A good work-life balance also plays a role in that pleasure. "I already mentioned freedom and responsibility, and that also applies to the times when you work. It's great to be able to determine your own working hours. What I also like is the solidarity in the teams: if you can't work for a while or at all due to illness or another circumstance, then the others can make up for that."

In the eight years that he has worked for InTraffic, he has never had the urge to see if the grass is greener elsewhere. "No way, you can't get better than this as a tester. You do socially relevant and challenging work together with great colleagues. And you also get lots of opportunities to develop yourself. What more could you want?"

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