Organon Oss switches to Life Cycle Management

ICT Group manages industrial automation and keeps cyber security at highest level

  • 20 October 2022
  • 6 minutes

Before it became an independent company a few years ago, Organon Oss was hit by a cyber incident. Since then, Organon has been working in partnership with ICT Group on an IT and OT environment that is resilient to external influences. Introducing Life Cycle Management has resulted in the implementation of security as a standard in every programme.

Intensive changeover

Roel van de Camp, Site Lead Life Cycle Management at Organon, has been working for Organon for 24 years. He started as a technician, but now is responsible for the project and programme management of the site in Oss. "The 2017 cyber attack opened our eyes. It was clear to everyone that we had to take a new path. We immediately started looking for a cooperating IT partner and soon found ICT Group. They are large and broadly oriented, and they have proven to be able to switch easily. We started out by working closely together to make an inventory and develop a plan of action, which was then implemented by ICT Group. The project was a very intensive undertaking, especially because we had to take a close look at all units within the organisation."

Life Cycle Management programme

"After completing this project, I took it over and incorporated it into a Life Cycle Management (LCM) programme. In fact, this includes the complete modernisation of our OT and IT environments. We often initiate industrial automation projects in which we ask ICT Group to provide expertise and take care of the implementation. For instance, complex PC and scada upgrades of a wide range of production assets. This is all part of the Life Cycle Management programme. To realise this, ICT Group has a project team on site and, if required, they add specific expertise from within their organisation. This allows us to really benefit from their in-depth domain knowledge and the many experts they have. In the future, we want to switch more and more to a fixed price, with ICT taking care of the implementation within the scope."

"As an organisation, we could never have done this alone. The partnership with ICT Group is indispensable to us."

Roel van de Camp
Site Lead Life Cycle Management at Organon Oss

Modernising instead of reacting

"Modernisation is simply a must. Without it, there would be more and more malfunctions, and no one can afford to have our production environment grind to a halt. We are a stable, highly reliable production company of medicines for women's health, and our customers count on us. This is why we regularly examine the end-of-life date of each installation and replace components before they fail. We have become proactive instead of reactive. Life Cycle Management is now fully integrated into Organon's plans for the future, and it has become a permanent part of our work. In addition, cyber security and data integrity receive full attention, so you can safely say that we have made a huge turnaround."

Cooperation more important than contract

"We are now examining how we can extend this programme to other Organon sites, including our sites in the United Kingdom. We are also discussing this with ICT Group and we certainly see a role for them as a collaborative partner. Because it is clear to me that we could never have taken the steps we have taken in the past three years without the partnership with ICT Group. As an organisation, we cannot do this alone. Their vision on security 'staying healthy, healing quickly' perfectly matches ours. The intensive cooperation proves that you do it together. A contract is nice, but I find the result much more important, and I'm very satisfied with what we have achieved."

Organon. We are here for her health

Organon is a global health company focused on improving the health of women throughout their lives. In doing so, Organon wants to make a world of difference for women, their families and the communities they are part of. Organon’s motto is 'here for her health', and thus we offer a portfolio of more than 60 medicines and other products in a wide range of therapeutic areas, including contraception, fertility, neurology, immunology and the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

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